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3 Common Problems Caused by Stressed Out AC Systems

With the amount of usage we all put our air conditioners through, it’s only common that we take timely care of them to ensure optimal performance. A majority of us use our air conditioners almost all the time and forget to take care of them in return which stresses the AC out and leads to problems.

Stressed-out air conditioners lead to various kinds of problems which can be taken care of at home by us, some that require professional help and some cases will need a replacement with a newer AC. 

Common Problems

Some of the common problems that stressed-out ACs cause can be stated as and are not limited to the following.

  • Inefficient cooling or heating
  • Unstable ACs
  • Leakages and odor

Inefficient Cooling

One of the most common issues created by stressed-out AC systems is inefficient working. ACS when stressed can’t comprehend the command from the remote and function inefficiently. When ACs do this, it naturally increases the power consumption by the AC resulting in a higher power bill.

When it functions inefficiently, the cooling or heating provided would not be up to the mark and the customers would be dissatisfied. This issue can sometimes be solved at home with simple cleaning and unblocking of vents.

Unstable Air Conditioners

When the ACS are stressed way beyond their ability, they start malfunctioning. Even when you try to turn them on, they would automatically turn on and off and keep this unstable behavior up for as long as the main switch isn’t turned off.

While under this condition, the AC would usually not produce any air to condition the room and will require professional help to be solved.

Leakages and Odors

Another one of the common problems with stressed ACs is either leakage by the air conditioner or odor produced by the machine. Stressed ACs pool up water from the coolant and sometimes leak it through the air vents. This is not advisable for the machine and also for the people inhaling the air from the AC.

Sometimes stressed out ACs allow microbial growth in the machine which produces various odors. This will require immediate action from a professional who will treat the machine accordingly.

How to Take Care of your AC at Home?

To prolong the lifespan of your AC and to avoid sudden breakdowns, take care of your machines at home at regular intervals.


Checking your air vents for any dust or blockages frequently will ensure good performance and better health of your AC.


Swapping out your air filters twice every year will keep your machine’s health in check as they collect all the dust from the air.

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