Different Types Of Air Conditioners

Choosing a new air conditioning system for your home can be challenging. With so many different types of air conditioners on the market, the options can be overwhelming. When you begin your search for HVAC Capacitor Parts Near Me Plant City, you’ll find our team at HVAC Warehouse. We have experienced technicians ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

If you don’t have an air conditioning system or require an upgrade, we recommend buying a new system before summer arrives. However, a new air conditioning system is an investment, so it is vital to consider what type of conditioner best suits your needs before purchasing.

Central Air Conditioning

The ability of your AC system to cool efficiently is the most common type of air conditioner among all the different cooling systems. Central air conditioning circulates cool air through a structure via supply and return ducts, while warm air is brought back through the return system and forced out of the home via an exhaust system.

Correct sizing is essential to the system’s functionality; assembling a central air conditioning system necessitates extensive planning and preparation. If you install the incorrect size system, even if it is energy-efficient, you will notice an increase in your utility costs.

Ducted System

Ducted systems are among the most common types of cooling systems. Large homes, typical in Florida, require more air to keep cool. Because of their energy efficiency, ducted systems are ideal for larger homes. Ducted air conditioning provides cooling via a network of ducts installed throughout your home or business.

It generates cool or hot air distributed throughout the building via a network of ducts and vents, ensuring proper climate control.

Window Air Conditioner

Each window air conditioning system works independently to cool the room in which it is installed. Window air conditioners fit within a window frame and function by sucking in warm air, producing cool air, and blowing it out the front into the room. These can be ideal cooling systems for people who work or live in confined spaces. For example, they can cool an entire studio apartment independently.

Split System Air Conditioner

Split-system air conditioning units are also popular in homes and offices. If there are specific rooms in your home that you want to cool, but other rooms are less critical, this could be a great option. Up to four indoor units can typically be linked to an outdoor unit. Each indoor unit has its temperature control, allowing you to keep every room at the temperature you prefer.

Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner

The indoor unit of a floor-mounted air conditioner sits on the room’s floor to be cooled. They’re helpful if you need more wall space to mount the system or if your walls are difficult to access. They’re also great for attics with slanted walls or walls made of delicate materials. An external unit could be installed without requiring ductwork or extensive preparation.

The air is sent through a pipe that connects the external unit to the internal unit. Floor-mounted air conditioning units are easy to clean because the filters are easily accessible. If you’re looking for Goodman AC supply near me Plant City, reach out to a reputable HVAC company, like HVAC Warehouse.

Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner can be helpful for people who use multiple rooms in their homes or who move around frequently. They function similarly to window air conditioners in that they sit in the frame of room windows.

They draw in warm air from the room, cool it, and circulate it back in. This procedure can generate hot exhaust fumes, which the portable air conditioning unit vents outside via an exhaust hose. Finally, they can be uninstalled and relocated to a new location.

Smart Air Conditioners

Smart air conditioners can connect to the internet and Wi-Fi and be controlled by an app. They can take the shape of any split-system air conditioner and have ‘smart’ features that can differ depending on the brand and model. However, standard features include temperature controls, weekly operating schedules, and comfortable modes.

These features can assist you in locating your preferred temperatures while conserving energy. Smart air conditioners are more expensive than basic mini-split systems but may save money in the long run.

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