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A heat pump is a device that reverses the process of energy transfer from warmer spaces to colder ones, thus making it possible to transfer heat. This is done with the help of external energy like electricity. 

A heat pump’s basic design involves four main components – a condenser, an expansion valve, an evaporator, and a compressor. The medium circulated through these components to transfer heat is called refrigerant.

Usually, the heat pumps can be used either for heating mode or cooling as per the user’s requirement, but these days are increasingly used to heat the domestic water. They are more efficient for heating than resistance heaters because most of the energy they release comes from the ambient environment and only a fraction, from the externally supplied energy required to run the device.

Heat pumps are the most efficient alternative to fuel, oil, and electric systems when it comes to both heating and cooling. They offer more heating and cooling capacity than the electricity consumed to run them. Well-designed and installed heat pumps attain more than 300% efficiency. Find the same with Goodman heat pumps for sale.

Types of heat pumps

  • Air-source

This is the most common heat pump type that transfers heat between your house and the outside air. Air-source heat pump technology has advanced so far that it now offers a legitimate space heating alternative in colder regions. The ductless versions of these heat pumps are called mini-split heat pumps.

  • Water-source

Despite the air source, the water source is used to transfer the energy, but this pump system is the least used. Water-source heat pumps can be used in more extreme climates than air-source heat pumps, and customer satisfaction with the systems is very high.

  • Geothermal source

These heat pumps achieve higher efficiencies by transferring heat between your house and the ground. Their installation cost is high, but their operational cost is comparatively low. Your choice of a geothermal heat pump will depend on the size of your lot, the subsoil, and the landscape.

Today, many brands in the market provide reliable heat pumps like Lennox, Goodman, York Affinity, etc. Usually, the price range of these top heat pumps ranges from $4000 to $6000 and depends on the size of the pump and its SEER rating.

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