Five Factors to Consider When Buying a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are essential in every household. They are more efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems and are more potent while saving energy on all fronts. Are you considering buying a heat pump or replacing one? Are you wondering where to start and how to get through it all?

We have prepared a guide for you with just that in mind. Here, we will go through five aspects that you must assess if you plan to buy a heat pump.

A Rough Budget

The first thing to do while preparing to buy a heat pump would be to fix up a budget. It is advised you chalk out a budget that is a bit on the higher side as the more you will invest now, the less you will have to pay later.

High-efficiency devices will cost a bit more than their less efficient counterparts. But the former will provide services worth their prices and for a longer time too. As for low-efficiency systems, they will be cheaper, but you may have to invest more in them in the future.

The Type of Device

The next element to consider is the type of device you want. Here, several things will influence your decision. There are tons of heating devices available in the market for starters, each suitable for a particular setting and use.

Experts advise that you do thorough research on the types and kinds of devices to find your ideal machine type to fit your needs and comply with your budget.

The Size of the Device

Another thing to consider while buying a heat pump is the size. The area of your house is what matters here. The more the area, the bigger the heat pump you would require.

You must consult with your HVAC contractor on this front. A general calculation is that if the area is equivalent to 400 square kilometers, a one-ton heat pump should do the job.


Usually, heat pumps come with electric heat strips that work when the temperature falls below the freezing point. Otherwise, heat pumps are very efficient for temperature rangers above the freezing point. If your area has higher electrical costs, you can opt for a dual-fuel system.

A dual-fuel system comes with a gas burner, which works efficiently for temperatures below freezing point. Therefore, when the temperature reaches that point, your device will automatically switch from the electrical strips to the natural gas furnace. It is both efficient and economical.


There are also a lot of thermostats available in the market. You may opt for a WiFi thermostat, a programmable one, or a standard one according to your needs. Based on your usages and suitability, choose a thermostat after consulting with your contractor.

With that, you are now ready to purchase your new heat pump. If you are looking to buy a new Heat Pump for your home, consider the above factors before buying or call HVAC Warehouse customer care at (762) 435-4822 to discuss your requirements.

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