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16″ 51 R-4 MOBIL FLEX 25′ BAG

Key Features & Benefits

• Johns Manville Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass insulation

• GREENGUARD® certified insulated products

• Galvanized fine gauge wire metal core reinforcing

• Oversized core to fit on collars and register boxes

• Weather-resistant packaging

• Easy-to-carry package: Up to 10″ bags are strapped to form a pair

• Available in boxes and bags

• Available in 25 ft lengths

• HUD /FHA standards 515.2.1, paragraph B

• NFPA standards 90A and 90B

• Meets most BOCA, City of Chicago, federal, state and local codes and standards • UL listed/approved to UL 181


• Two layers of polyester film encapsulate a galvanized or bronze coated wire helix

• A high tensile galvanized fine gauge wire is used in the core to provide additional strength

• Rated positive pressure is 10″ W.C. and negative pressure is 1/2″ W.C. per the UL 181 standard – Rated maximum air velocity is 6000 FPM


• Diameters available: 6″, 8″, 10-18″

• Lengths available: 25 ft


• ETL Listed/Approved to UL 181 Standard

• NFPA standards 90A and 90B

• HUD/FHA standards 515.2.1 Paragraph B

• Meets most federal, state and local codes and standards

• GREENGUARD certified entire duct construction


• R4.2, R6.0 and R8.0 certified by UL and the Air Diffusion Council using ASTM C-518 at installed thickness of insulation

• Made of formaldehyde free materials

Operating temperature range

• -20˚F to 180˚F – Continuous

• -20˚F to 200˚F – Intermittent

Surface burning characteristics

• Flame spread: Less than 25

• Smoke developed: Less than 50

• Class 1 rated duct assembly

Vapor barrier

• The Quietflex UV-Inhibited Black Jacket Flex Duct and Manufactured Housing Flex Duct have a UV-Inhibited polyethylene vapor barrier

• Vapor transmission: 0.11 perms for Black Jacket and 0.07 perms for Manufactured Housing




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