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3/8 x 5/8 x 1/2 35ft LINESET GEL ‐ White Line Hide


GelCopper™ insulated coils are machinery attached one to the other for faster and easier install. It provides the perfect size combination for both suction and liquid lines to fit every air conditioning, such as ductless mini-splits, VRF, heat pumps and unitary systems.


Low Density Polyethylene Closed Cell Foam
ASTM C 1427-07 compliant Type I (tubular)
Grade I (insulation material for use on typical commercial system non-crosslinked)
CFC and HCFC gas free
Water vapor permeability: ASTM E96-00 compliant
Working temperature: ASTM C 1427-07 compliant from
-94 F to +250 F
Wall thickness: 1/2”
Surface burning characteristics: UL723 CLASSIFIED R39562 (ASTM E84 25/50), surface burning
characteristics: flame spread 0, smoke developed 10. UL 94, top rated.
R-Value: 4.0
UV: This product is UL PERFORMANCE VERIFIED for UV exposure (visit: and
successfully tested internally for UV resistance against any major degradation, discoloration or
deterioration for a minimum of 3 years.
Seamless copper tube for air conditioning and refrigeration. Manufactured according to ASTM B280
C12200 DHP 99.9% pure.


Outer Jacket: Additional white polyethylene jacket cover protects foam insulation from tearing
during installation process.
Foot Marking: Insulation incrementally marked by every foot to ensure accurate initial unit charge
and reduce copper waste.
R410: Can be used in applications where high- pressure gases are used as a refrigeration source.
Paintable: The insulation can be painted to match the surroundings.

PDM US recommends using a high-quality exterior paint for added protection on its products when
installed in exposed exterior areas. Installation under plastic duct is also recommended. It is
instead strongly recommended to completely seal the extremity of the copper pipe when connecting
it to the AC unit to avoid water or any other external agent to penetrate the insulation. Incorrect
installation of PDM products might void the warranty.

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