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Signs You Need To Repair Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioning system isn’t performing as it should, consider searching for a nearby technician who can provide reliable services and AC supply. Look for “Goodman AC Distributor Near Me Plant City” to find the help you need to get your system back up and running. Contact our experienced team at HVAC Warehouse today for assistance.

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Your home’s air conditioner is a significant financial investment, so it must be maintained properly. This is why you must look for these repair signs as early as possible:

Your AC Unit is Blowing Warm Air

Warm air coming from the unit is a sign that your AC system is not functioning properly. This implies that the compressor has difficulty performing due to low coolant levels.

The next step is to have one of our experienced technicians inspect your AC unit. They can replenish the coolant and, if needed, replace some of the components. With some maintenance and repair, your air conditioner can function properly.

Strange Noises

All systems are built to function with little to no noise. The louder-than-normal operation, particularly metallic screeching, grinding, or banging noises, indicates a problem inside the unit. When strange sounds occur, you should be inspected by one of our experienced technicians as soon as possible to avoid significant system damage.

Water Leaks Around the Unit

If you notice moisture or leaks around your system, your unit has a problem. This could be due to the blocked drain tube, which directs condensation away from the air conditioner. This isn’t an emergency, but you should have it fixed to avoid mold growth.

Strange smells

An air conditioner system isn’t supposed to have odd smells. A strong odor may imply a burned-out wire within the unit, whereas a musty odor may indicate mold somewhere inside the unit or the ductwork. Have one of our technicians diagnose this issue as soon as possible to avoid it becoming a more serious problem.

High Humidity Levels

An air conditioner’s job includes removing humidity from the air in your home. If you notice water pooling around your windows or a sticky sensation in the air inside your home, this is a sign that your air conditioner isn’t working properly.

Increased Energy Bills

Almost any complication with your HVAC system discussed above will eventually cause your unit to work harder to keep up with the cooling needs. This will result in increased electricity costs. Check your electricity bill to see if your AC needs repair. For example, accumulated debris and dust can clog air filters, causing system performance to decrease.

Additionally, If your air conditioner has been in service for more than 15 years, it is likely that it is no longer power-saving and that its functionality has been significantly reduced.

The Unit Isn’t Turning On and Off Correctly

Various issues can cause this, the most likely of which is a thermostat malfunction. A thermostat replacement would be required to restore your unit to working order. Contact us for air conditioning repair service if your air conditioner isn’t cycling properly. Our experienced technicians can diagnose the problem, make necessary repairs, and be your go-to provider when searching for air conditioner parts store near me, Plant City.

The Unit is 10 Years or Older

If your air conditioning system is more than ten years old, it should be inspected regularly by a qualified technician. Components can wear out and break over time, resulting in costly repairs. In some cases, replacing the entire unit may be less expensive.

However, your air conditioner can provide years of dependable service with proper care.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes it’s not your system that’s the issue; it’s your thermostat. Some indicators may be obvious (a temperature setting of 75 and a home temperature that is off by tens of degrees). In contrast, others may not be (varied temperature zones throughout the home). Fortunately, our knowledgeable local HVAC technicians can quickly rule this out.

Poor Airflow

Your fan, which is in charge of pushing cool air through the ductwork, can succumb to various issues that can drastically reduce airflow, such as a dirty air filter, a bad blower motor, or a broken fan control board.

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