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What is the Installation Cost of a New AC Unit in 2022?

A decent brand’s AC unit will cost you 3000$ to 5000$ in 2022. The cost depends on AC size, type, and AC features. A 2 or 2.5-ton AC costs approx. 3500$, whereas the price can go above 4000$ for a 5-ton AC. The size of the AC unit depends on the size of the residence you live in, and you can calculate the AC size using the “Manual J” method. 

You can multiply the size of your room by 25 BTU to find out the BTU efficiency your air conditioner unit must-have. This method will also let you know the required AC size. For an area up to 1500 square feet, 2.5 tons AC size is suitable, and 3 tons AC is good for 2000 sq. ft. 

For a much larger area, 4 tons AC is Suitable. The AC size does not just depend on the size of the residence. And it also depends on the height of the ceiling and the climate of the location. The too warm places and high ceiling will require large AC to fulfill the cooling requirement of the house. 

Besides AC unit installation, you may also need to replace some AC parts in the future. The cost of different AC unit parts varies. So, before you search for AC parts near me, it’s good to  have an idea about how much it will cost to install a good company’s AC unit parts.

Understand the Air Conditioning Unit a Bit More

Just three components with their sub-components make the whole AC unit. These three components are:

  1. The indoor unit 
  2. Outdoor unit 
  3. Ductwork 

The main sub-components of these AC parts are compressor, refrigerant, thermostat, filter, expansion valve, condenser coil, and evaporator.

The ductwork connects indoor and outdoor units. It includes a refrigerant line, electrical line, and drain line. 

The ductwork’s cost depends on the length. It is approx $30 per linear foot, and the cheapest AC component is an air filter. An air filter will cost you around 20$-80$.

You will need to spend on air filter replacement every month, but other parts will need replacement only when they are dead.

The most expensive AC component is a compressor that will cost you above 500$ to around 1300$ if replaced during the warranty period. While the same will cost you up to 3000$ when the part is not under warranty. 

The average life of an AC compressor is 12 years if well-maintained, which means you will not need compressor replacement for at least 12 years. 

AC Unit Parts Near Me

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