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Every AC as Per Your Voltage Needs

Central air conditioning units can take a big toll on your pockets, Which is why window air conditioners look like a safer option at times. They are comparatively cheaper than central air conditioning units, but many people believe that window AC consumes more electricity than central air conditioning units. It is not true.

  • Window AC

A single window air conditioner will take less electricity than a central air conditioning unit, but if you have more than one window air conditioner, the case may be different. Window air conditioners are not suited for bigger homes; they work better for smaller homes. 

In a small household, a window air conditioner is a powerful appliance. Your electrical system should be strong enough to handle this new addition. For standard outlets, the limit is 115 volt with a 15 amp requirement. But if the window air conditioner consumes more than 115 volts, you will need a different committed outlet.

  • Mini-split AC

A mini-split AC or a ductless air conditioner is more powerful and efficient than a window AC, but it is costlier. Mini-split units consume less electricity than window air conditioners and can cool a larger area in less time.

Mini-split air conditioners also have features like times, so you can set a lower temperature while you are outside the house or at night to save money and electricity. There is also lesser sound in mini-split air conditioners as the cooling portion is outside. Mini-split air conditioners require professional installation, unlike window air conditioners.

Overall, a window air conditioner is cheaper than a mini-split unit and a central air conditioning unit, but its efficiency is lesser. Suppose you plan to buy more than one window air conditioner. In that case, it is better to opt for a mini-split unit because its efficiency is more and it will consume less electricity than two window air conditioners. 

  • Central AC

However, if you feel that your house is bigger than what a window air conditioner or a mini-split unit can handle, consider installing a central air conditioning unit. It is costlier than the other two, but it is a better option in the long run. There are ways in which you can control your expenses with a central air conditioning unit. You can use a smart thermostat to maintain the correct and ideal temperature so that the system does not have to work extra and more. A smart thermostat will also track how much electricity the system consumed and set the temperature to keep your electricity bill in control.

If you are not able to choose the correct air conditioning unit for your home on your own or are in some kind of doubt and need some advice, consider contacting HVAC Warehouse. They have a wide range of AC units for sale and will provide you with many options to choose from. Further, they will guide you in the correct direction to choose the best unit under your budget.

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