Goodman Air Conditioner Prices and Installation Cost

The pricing of Goodman air conditioners are among the most affordable in the HVAC industry. The company started out as a low-cost leader in the 1970s. Although Goodman is now owned by Daikin, it remains a value brand that provides reliable equipment at a reasonable price with a solid guarantee.

Depending on size, efficiency, and performance, a goodman ac unit price can be anywhere from $3,350 to $5,200 to install.

Price for Goodman Equipment and Installation

Goodman’s AC collection is one of the smallest among the big brands, with only five models. The models, on the other hand, encompass a wide spectrum of efficiency and performance. Here are the costs for Goodman air conditioner equipment, including the condensing unit, coil, and refrigerant lines:-

  1. Model GSXC18 comes with a SEER  rating of 19. It has a 2-stage performance. Equipment cost is around $2300 – $3925. Therefore, the total price is between $3,585 – $6,825.
  2. Model GSXC16 comes with a SEER  rating of 17. It has a 2-stage performance. Equipment cost is around $2050 – $3600. Therefore, the total price is between $3,335 – $6,400.
  3. Model GSX16 comes with a SEER  rating of 16. It has a single-stage performance. Equipment cost is around $1,785 – $2,750. Therefore, the total price is between $2,985 – $5,575.
  4. Model GSX14 comes with a SEER  rating of 15. It has a single-stage performance. Equipment cost is around $1,690 – $2,635. Therefore, the total price is between $2,890 – $5,460.
  5. Model GSX13 comes with a SEER  rating of 14. It has a single-stage performance. Equipment cost is around $1,565 – $2,515. Therefore, the total price is between $2,765 – $5,340..

Cost Factors for Goodman Air Conditioners

According to the prices given above, and installed goodman ac unit price ranges from around $2,800 to nearly $7,000. The variances are due to these reasons:

  • Size of System 

The air conditioner condensing unit is the outside unit’s name. Condensing units ranging from 24,000 to 60,000 BTUs, or 2 to 5 tonnes of cooling power, are available for each model.

In terms of the volume of refrigerant they can handle, the system requires a matched indoor coil and refrigerant line set. The higher the expense of any model, the larger the system size.

  • Compressor Stages

Compressors from Goodman are available in two stages: two-stage and single-stage. Most of the time, a two-stage model operates at low capacity, at 65 percent. When you change the thermostat setting by several degrees or the outdoor temperature is rapidly rising, it only runs at full capacity. When a single-stage compressor is turned on, it operates at full capacity.

Better efficiency, dehumidification, and temperature balance are all advantages of a two-stage compressor. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive than those with a single-stage compressor.

Air conditioners with variable capacity compressors were once made by Goodman. However, Goodman has stopped carrying them. They are still available from sister brands Amana and Daikin.

  • Efficiency

Goodman air conditioners have a SEER rating of 14 to 19. Compressor performance is commonly linked to efficiency.

The SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency rating/ratio, indicates how much energy the system uses to deliver cool air. Efficient units are more expensive, but in hot climates, they pay for themselves in energy savings.

  • ComfortBridge Communicating Technology

HVAC system communication is a two-way street. The ComfortBridge thermostat not only controls the air conditioner and furnace, but also receives data from those two components, which it utilizes to fine-tune the system’s performance.

The technology and the ComfortBridge control, which is still known as ComfortNet in certain Goodman literature, are a $1,000 to $1,400 upgrade.

  • Other Thermostat Options

It is not necessary to use a Goodman thermostat. In fact, unless you’re increasing your HVAC system’s functionality from a single-stage to a two-stage device, you may not need to change thermostats.

If you do need to replace it, Goodman also makes two different thermostats. Both are touchscreen digital thermostats with full-color displays. One has WiFi, but the other does not.

Installation Cost Factors

The following are the cost factors associated with installation:

Job Difficulty

The cost of installation rises as a result of these considerations.

Instead of being on the ground, the condensing unit is placed on a roof.

The condensing unit requires a pad to be installed.

The indoor coil must be installed in an attic or crawlspace air handler/furnace.

Installation Time

Expect no discounts on installation costs if you have an air conditioner installed during the hottest part of the summer. If you purchase a Goodman air conditioner in the late winter or mid-autumn, however, you will most likely receive reduced estimates from Goodman air conditioning contractors.

Living Expenses

The cost of any consumer commodity is affected by higher costs in large metro regions, particularly those along the beaches. Central air conditioners, however, are not exempt.

Condition of the Ductwork

Gaps and/or improper insulation are common in older ducts. It might cost up to $4.00 per linear foot to repair and insulate ducts. The cost of replacing ducts ranges from $10 to $18 per linear foot, depending on their condition or whether they are the wrong size for the new system.

Extra Accessories and Their Costs

Following are the accessories and their installation cost:

Cabinet Filters cost $375 – $500

Electronics Filters cost $550 – $750

Electronic Filters costs $550 – $750

Humidifiers costs $600 – $2,000

Dehumidifiers costs $950 – $1,700

UV Air Cleaners costs $400 – $625

ERV & HRV Ventilators costs $2,800 – $6,000

Duct Repair costs $2.00 – $4.00 per foot

Duct Replacement costs $10 – $18 per foot

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