How Do Hot Days Affect My AC Unit?

The current air conditioning systems fundamentally heat transfer units that hold two heat exchangers working to cope up with the heat in two distinct environments. The initial heat exchange captures energy or heat from the hot air coming inside your place and transfers it to the condenser placed outdoors. 

On the other hand, the second heat exchanger releases this hot air back to the atmosphere. However, when there is extreme heat outside or the days get extremely hotter, the air conditioning unit has to put extra effort to work efficiently. This increased heat can sometimes prove fatal for your unit, and it is why many people are forced to look for new AC units for sale during such times.

How does excess heat affect your air conditioning unit?

When the temperature gets unbearably hot outside, it is much more challenging for your air conditioning unit to make the indoor atmosphere cooler than outside. You must always understand that the bigger the difference between the desired indoor and outdoor temperature, the harder it would become for your air conditioning unit to perform efficiently. 

Mentioned below are some of the significant factors that affect your AC on a hot day. 

  • Extreme heat

As mentioned above, an air conditioning unit is a heat transfer unit that works on two exchangers performing different roles efficiently to keep you cool during summers. However, due to extreme heat and a major temperature difference between inside and outdoor, it can grow extremely tough for your unit to keep to its normal working standards. 

On those highly sweltering days, the air conditioning unit will require running extra hard to keep you relaxed. In addition to this, the air conditioner is also necessary to evacuate hot air that may be flowing from other sources around your house, such as the joints on the doors and window panes. 

Although, you must note that when your cooling unit has to strive harder to retain your place cool and comfortable, there is a higher pressure on the entire system that can point to the damage and malfunctioning of the major parts. This leads to costly repairs in parts breaking down or malfunctioning in the future.

  • Excess moisture

While you may assume that heat is the sole factor that can cause harm to your air conditioning unit on an excessively hot day, humidity additionally plays an active part in the reduced air conditioner performance on an extra hot day. 

On an extremely humid day, your air conditioning unit will need to strive harder to get rid of that moist and damp air. In numerous cases, moisture and heat occur at the very time. Hence, your system will not just have to run to exchange the hot air, but further, maintain the humidity levels at your place. 

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