How to Cool and Heat Older Homes in Florida?

Spending your days in older homes in Florida is fascinating until you realize the discomfort it carries all year round. It can be considered hectic work, but you can easily make it up to your comfort with a few proper upgrades in your old home, with heating and air supply near me to give your older home a nice makeover.

Tips for heating your older Florida home

Following these tips will help you upgrade your older home to heat it in Florida.

Sealing your windows & doors:

Cold air enters through gaps around your windows and doors. Sealing those gaps tends to increase your home temperature. Installing a draft stopper at the base of your door will block the cold air from entering. 

Upgrading your home windows:

Use double-pane windows with good insulation for energy efficiency. Double-pane windows have an insulating air gap between them. You can also upgrade to a triple-pane by contacting a manufacturer. The more layers, the better to keep your older home warm.

Insulated curtains:

Using insulated curtains will shield your home from cold air. They have come with high-density foam, vapour barrier, and reflective film. Curtains can also help to reduce noise by absorbing it and making it completely opaque for you. 

Insulating your home:

Homes became drafty over the years; you can insulate the home that will help to keep you warm during the winters in Florida. The other advantages to insulating your home will help eliminate water to condense on the walls and ceiling of your home, providing high energy efficiency. Your home can retain heat for a much longer time with ease.

Tips for cooling your older Florida home

These solutions are effective to keep your older home cool.

Installing a ductless HVAC:

Installing a ductless mini-split into your system is an effective way to keep an older home cool during summer heatwaves. It is universal and can even work where ductwork cannot. In addition, you can purchase air handlers to install a thermostat in your unit to adjust the temperature to your preferences.

Installing radiant barriers:

Having ductwork at your home will transfer heat in large amounts to your home if it’s poorly ventilated. Installing radiant barriers known to reflect heat waves can reduce the heat transfer, helping keep your homes in Florida. You can contact a reliable HVAC contractor to install it for you to save you time and money.

Ceiling fans:

Installing a ceiling fan tends to reduce the temperature in your home, which might not be much but can make a world of difference. Blades need to spin anticlockwise to improve air circulation. You can operate it manually by flipping the direction with a switch or remote, whichever your ceiling fan comes with.

High-velocity HVAC:

Older homes often do not have space left for air conditioning ductwork. You can opt to add a high-velocity HVAC to your home rather than try to use the conventional method to fit the ductwork, which would make your home’s condition worse. The ducts are comparatively small and flexible, will not take much space, and can be installed with the help of a heating system near you.

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