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How To Fix An Inefficient Air Conditioner

You may have faced the issue of an inefficient air conditioner at least once during each summer season. It is not unusual for an air conditioner to decrease its efficiency because it has to work extensively all day long. However, owners need to look out for these signs cautiously.

If your air conditioner decides to work less efficiently, you should contact an HVAC company that provides an air conditioning supply near me to send a technician to your home for a repair job.

1. Fix this issue yourself without much effort.

  • Dirty air filters

If an air conditioner’s filters have clogging due to dust or other minute particles, your system will face airflow-related issues, and one such issue is reduced cooling.

To avoid clogging and bacterial growth, the only way to tackle this problem is to clean and replace your air filters regularly each month. If you take proper care of your air filters, you will not face several problems like ice formation and poor indoor air quality.

  • Thermostat issues

If you own a smart thermostat, you know the several benefits and upgraded features it provides to the owners. With a smart air conditioner, you need not worry about constantly changing the temperature settings.

However, if you have a normal thermostat, in which you have to change the settings and temperature as per your comfort, it may be the reason for an inefficient air conditioner.

  • Dirty condenser

Do you give enough attention to your outdoor unit, the condenser? If you do, we are sure you do not face motor problems and insect issues. Dirty condensers are one of the main reasons for AC repairs.

However, you may face efficiency issues if you do not give the required attention to your condenser. If it stays dirty for a long time, dust will damage its parts, and warm air will remain inside your home.

  • Less refrigerant

No air conditioner is complete without its refrigerant. This liquid flows in the evaporator coils and helps properly cool your home. If it is less in quantity, your home will not cool sufficiently, and you will feel uncomfortable.

In such cases, you should contact a technician to refill the refrigerant when you notice a decline in the cooling capacity of your home. Contact an HVAC expert if you need any repairs.

2. Other problems that an air conditioner faces.

Lesser cooling capacity is not the only issue with an air conditioner. Since it is an HVAC appliance, it is prone to several other issues that owners should know about for timely actions. Ignoring any of these issues can lead to serious damage and even permanent breakdowns in some cases:


  • Short cycling.
  • Constant running or no running.
  • Poor indoor air quality.
  • Unbalanced humidity levels.
  • Water leakages.


Sometimes, you can fix the issue with your air conditioner by replacing one of its faulty parts. Replacing one part is better than replacing the whole system, but you should contact a reputable company to find the right parts for your system. HVAC Warehouse has guaranteed parts compatible with your system. Contact us for the best AC parts near me.

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