It’s Time to Maintain Your Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are a must in summer to keep us cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months. As temperatures continue to rise and maintain your air conditioning is becoming progressively more essential. Similar to other forms of household equipment, air conditioners require regular maintenance to perform correctly. A well-maintained air conditioner may use less electricity, resulting in savings for the homeowner.

Providing the air conditioner with the necessary maintenance level results in a lengthy lifespan and dependable operation. Sometimes, you may require looking for HVAC capacitor parts near me. 

Maintaining your air conditioning with simple steps

Clean the filters

Cleaning or replacing your air conditioner’s filters regularly is the most important thing you can do for maintenance. Dirty or clogged filters with particles impede airflow and drastically decrease a system’s effectiveness. In addition, when airflow is restricted, some air can bypass the filter and deposit dirt straight onto the evaporator coil, reducing the coil’s ability to absorb heat. If you have a dirty filter clogged with debris, replacing it with a clean filter will reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent. If you wish to replace the air filters, you can search for Goodman HVAC parts near me.

Check the condensate drain

The condensate drain is essential to any air conditioning system because it directs the condensation that collects within the system to drain into the environment. Condensate drains tend to grow clogged over time, making drainage more challenging. Check the condensate drain occasionally to ensure that it is draining water effectively. If water is not draining properly, either remove the obstruction preventing water from draining or contact a local air conditioning provider.

Ensure that the coils are clean

With the assistance of the air conditioning coils, a room can be cooled more efficiently by the refrigerant. These coils accumulate dust, reducing their capacity to absorb heat. In such a case, the air conditioning unit will have to expend additional effort to maintain the desired temperature in the room. Therefore, you must ensure that the coils are regularly cleaned to avoid a similar situation. As the coils are sharp and potentially hazardous, it is suggested that you assign this task to trained technicians for routine maintenance.

Check the size of your A.C.

The quantity of cubic feet an air conditioning unit must cool is meticulously considered while determining its size. When searching for new air conditioning equipment or home remodeling projects, you should keep this in mind. When you purchase an air conditioner rated for a smaller room than the one you have, the unit will have to work too hard to cool the air, causing it to wear out more quickly and struggle to fulfill the thermostat’s needs.

Clean the fins

Remove the external coverings and use the brush attachment of a powerful shop vacuum. Next, remove any dirt or debris between the fins by spraying a gentle stream of water from a garden hose through the fins, working from the interior to the exterior. Never utilize a pressure washer since the force of the water might cause damage to the fins. If the fins are extremely dirty, use a fin-cleaning spray that may be purchased at home improvement stores to clean them.


Before the beginning of each cooling season, air conditioners should be inspected and adjusted by a professional. However, maintenance should continue even after the annual inspection is complete. If some parts degenerate, replacing them with Goodman HVAC parts near me is better. 

Contact HVAC Warehouse, and they will help you complete your air conditioner maintenance in just one go. They will assist you if you are looking for HVAC capacitor parts near me. 

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