Key Points To Check Before Buying A Furnace

A lot of people don’t know the basics of purchasing a furnace system. It is imperative to have a good furnace system to protect your loved ones in the harsh winter. 

In this blog, you will read and learn about the different types of furnaces. Hopefully, we can help you decide the type of furnace you need. 

System type

There are currently two types of furnaces available in the market:

  • Split system

This heating system is composed of two separate machines. A condenser unit usually stays outdoor or in the basement, and a coil unit distributes hot or cold air throughout the house via heating vents. These usually 30-40% more and take up space either outside or inside in the attic or basement. But they are quiet machines. Split systems are also more energy-efficient and appropriate for bigger suburban houses.

  • Packaged system

This system is a compact version of the previous two machine units. Here the condenser fan and coil are joined together in a smaller size machine. The working mechanisms are the same. These systems are cheaper than split systems; fairly compact. These are easy to install. However, due to the proximity of the condenser fan, they are noisier than the split systems. There are appropriate for a more urban setting where space is a factor. 

Fuel Source

There are many types of heating systems that run several energy sources. Currently, the most popular is gas-powered systems. There are also newer electric and solar-powered. Finally, there are oil-powered systems. 

You can find these types of systems:

  • Gas-powered system

Currently, gas-powered furnaces are the most economical and easy to get. But the machine requires a fair amount of maintenance. These systems have a life span of roughly 20 years.  

  • Electric and Solar-powered system

As the awareness about the environmental impacts of gas burning and climate change has risen, newer electric devices are being developed as the future of home appliances. Conventional electric heating systems are the most efficient. But direct heating by electricity requires more energy, so there also more expensive. 

  • Oil-powered system

Oil or Propane powered systems are generally in the mid-range of electric and natural gas furnaces in terms of expense. Also, oil prices vary from time to time. In terms of maintenance, oil-powered systems are more polluting than natural gas.  

Indoor air quality

The furnaces have single or multiple blower fans that distribute heated or cooled air inside the house. You can add additional protection systems like HEPA filters that will filter out any dust particle, fungal pollen spore, etc., and provide the cleanest air possible inside your home. You can get a vast array of filters that will be suited for your system at goodman furnaces for sale.  

Check with your HVAC contractor to see if the filters are sold with the system or sold separately as add-ons. Remember, filters are cheaper than the new electric air filters. 

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