AquaGuard 1100+ Magnetic Condensate Float Switch for Metal Secondary Drain Pans

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Product Documents


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Magnetic Float Switch System for Metal Secondary Drain Pans


• High Capacity 5 Amp, 24Volt AC Magnetic Float Switch
• Easy, Drill-Free Installation
• Residential and Commercial Applications
• Pull Up Test Knob
• Protective Housing Keeps Out Insulation, Pests, and Debris
• Normally Open 3rd Wire for Optional External Alarm, Digital Controller, or Energy Management System
• US Patent 7,710,283
• UL 508 Approved

The AG-1100+ is easy to install & can be mounted to drain pan in 10 seconds or less, without requiring any pre-drilling for screws, Incorporates a protective cover to keep out insulation and debris that could prevent the float from rising.