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Clean Comfort Dehumidifier DV065 65 Pint


Dew points and relative humidity (RH) affect the way your
body senses heat. Higher humidity levels cause the air
to feel much hotter than the actual temperature. When
maintained properly, you can run your cooling equipment
less because dehumidified air feels cooler.
Ideal humidity is defined by industry experts* as being
between 40-60% on an average annual basis. When indoor
humidity exceeds 60%, the home is more susceptible
to mold and mildew growth. DV065 safeguards against
excessive humidity in the home year-round.
*American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air
Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Features and Benefits

• Removes up to 65 pints (30.8 l) of water per day from the indoor air.
• Built-in humidity control requires no additional wiring to an external control. Just plugin and go! Choice of external control options also available for centrally ducted control.
• Can be used as a standalone application using internal humidity control.
• Electrocoating reduces coil corrosion and helps prevent refrigerant leaks.
• Built-in transformer circuit breaker.
• 6-Year Parts Limited Warranty. Complete warranty details available from your local dealer or at

Product weight: 60lb (27 Kg)
Shipping weight: 68lb (31 Kg)
Shipping dimensions: 16.7” H × 17” W × 32.9” L
Media Filter: MERV 11, 9” H x 11” W x 0.75” D
Drain connection: 3/4” threaded female
NPT connection
Duct connections: 8” round inlet and outlet. ABS plastic, compatible for connection to rigid or
flexible ducting with sheet metal screws and/or tape.
Cabinet: 20 gauge galvanized steel powder-coat painted
Insulation: R value 1
Compressor: Rotary-style, 6.1 kBTU
Refrigerant: R-410A, 15 oz.
Operating Temp Range (outside cabinet): 34ºF to 135ºF (1.1ºC to 57.2ºC)
Operating Humidity Range: 0-99% RH

Input ratings
• Electrical input voltage:
120 VAC, 60 Hz nominal
• Input current:
5.2 A
Output ratings
• Power transformer to R/C terminals:
24 VAC, 0.85 A
• Energy Performance:
2.22 liters (4.7 pints) per kilowatt hour (KWH)

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