The Top 5 Most Common Heating and Cooling Problems

Summers and winters are difficult without your AC or heating system functioning properly. Imagine your HVAC system working perfectly fine one day and the other, breaking down? What a problem it would be. However, research to buy an air conditioner near me is integral.

Some Common Cooling or Heating Problems That You Must Know

Here are some common cooling or heating issues that you can prevent that will compromise your comfort and peace of mind by taking these necessary steps:

  • Inefficient air is one of the most common complaints from the HVAC owners regarding the system. It happens mostly due to dusty air filters that block and prevent air exchange. The other reasons could arise due to decreased refrigerant levels, condenser coils issue, and malfunctioning compressor. 
  • The condensate drain gets blocked, and the extra water formed creates puddles around the AC system ruining the aesthetic of your house. The most effective way to clean the condensate drain is by pouring one spoonful of baking soda and 1/4th cup of vinegar down the drain monthly. 
  • These components start to wear and tear after some years, and it happens because the HVAC system has been working continuously for a long period of time. Oiling and greasing the components can prevent damage due to the component’s wear and tear. 
  • There are different sounds that an HVAC system makes, and different sounds have specific meaning. Buzzing noise means an electrical issue, and hissing noise indicates a leakage issue. If the system makes a loud, disturbing noise, search the central AC systems near me for quick maintenance service. 
  • Overheating becomes an issue when the HVAC works more than its capacity due to problems building inside the unit. It can be resolved by reducing the system workload by giving sufficient breaks to cool it down. 

How to Avoid AC or Heating System Problems?

The easy solution to avoid problems is to reduce the burden on the AC system and operate it effectively to increase the system’s lifetime. 

Here are some ways you can do from your side to keep your HVAC system in the best condition: 

  • Operate the HVAC system at a consistent temperature for most times of the season. Changing the temperature every day may increase the compressor workload. According to HVAC experts, it is recommended to operate the AC system at 68°F and the heating system at 72°F. 
  • It would be helpful if you try additional cooling and heating equipment to reduce the burden on the HVAC system. In the summers, you can use ceiling fans alongside the AC system to maintain the temperature. 
  • Keeping the windows open for appropriate ventilation is an efficient way to remove humidity issues. In the summer, it is better to close the windows between 10 AM to 5 PM. In the winters, keep the windows closed when the sun is not out.
  • Keep checking your household’s insulation covering to ensure there is no energy loss due to gaps and holes in the covering. 


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