Tips For Buying A New AC Unit In Florida

Florida has extreme weather, so it becomes essential to put your investment into the right HVAC unit. Whether replacing your older HVAC units or buying new ones, inquire about central air units for sale to find the perfect piece for your home.

Helpful Tips to Buy a New AC

There are various things a person should consider before investing in an air conditioner. Below is a list of tips to help you shortlist a suitable air conditioner for your space:

Know the Size of Your Home to Pick the Right AC Capacity

Get an HVAC professional, ask him to size your home, and find you the best size, neither small nor large. Remember not to rely on online calculators, but ask a trusted technician. A smaller-than-required AC unit will be incapable of cooling your entire house, while an oversized AC unit will be a useless load on your energy bills.

In both cases, your AC unit will suffer wear and tear while maintaining the cooling and ultimately shortening its lifespan. The efficiency will decrease with frequent malfunctions and repairs within a few years.

Get a High SEER-Rated AC Model

The energy rating of your AC determines your energy bills. You may purchase an expensive AC unit, but your utility bills will reach sky-high if it has poor SEER ratings. Higher SEER ratings indicate that your device can generate more cooling than others with a certain power unit meaning less power and better results.

Most modern AC units come with a SEER rating between 13 and 21. It does not mean you have to buy the 21 rating model, pick an AC around 18, and be within your budget.

Compressor Requirements

The cooling won’t start without a compressor. So, you have two choices- single-stage compressors and two-stage ones. However, since you are buying for your home, we recommend you buy the two-stage compressor as it is easy to manage the speed, and thus, you can control the electricity bills. The single-stage ones run at one fixed speed which is unchangeable and hence, not energy-efficient.

Pre-Set Budget

In terms of AC, there is no point in saving a few hundred dollars and compromising the future of your comfort. A slight mistake by an inexperienced technician could lead to big blunders, which is why we suggest you buy the best option and hire a professional, even while paying extra. It is important to invest well in order to make your AC last longer without problems.

Type of Blower

The blower inside your AC regulates the flow of air inside your home. The amount of cool air passing through the home can be based on two blower types- multi-speed blower and variable speed blower. The standard multi-speed blower works similarly to a ceiling fan with five-speed variations.

While the variable speed blower is precise in its airspeed control and your airflow needs, it is an expensive investment. If you want luxury and comfort, take the chance. However, a multi-speed blower will work well with your home if you are on a tight budget. You can also search for air conditioner accessories near you to get more details.

Buy a Smart Thermostat

The new programmable thermostats have been designed to offer you various customizations. These devices are equipped with smartphone features so that you can monitor and adjust the temperature while being away from the house.

Try automatic shut-offs, pre-programmed timing shut-offs, and much more without hassle. Turn your thermostat on while you are an hour away from home for maximum comfort as soon as you enter the house.

Find New Benefitting Technology

Moving on with a new technology is significant when buying a new AC unit. So, before you make an impulsive decision and buy a window AC unit, you must know the advantages of the newer ductless, split, mini, and combined HVAC systems. While spending money on a long-term investment, try to be more energy-efficient and well-informed.

Get Warranty

There is no foreseen future. You can avoid unnecessary expenses in these types of situations with a valid warranty as the only solution. For better upkeep of the AC, ask your technician for warranty certificates and extend if needed.

To Sum Up

Buying an AC is a big decision, so you need professional help and expert recommendations if you’re searching for central AC systems near you. HVAC Warehouse is here to help you find the best choice per your requirements. Call (762) 435-4822 to talk to our experts or send us your questions on our page. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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