Top 6 HVAC Installation Mistakes

Your home can feel better with a new heating and cooling system. It can make your home more comfortable, use less energy, and save money. It can also help your family be more productive and stay healthy. You could experience a big problem if the HVAC system isn’t set up correctly.

You will have problems like an uncomfortable home, higher energy bills, bad air quality, repair costs, and having to replace things too soon. It’s important to remember that many things could go wrong with the installation of the AC, which could make it less effective.

The Top 6 HVAC Installation Mistakes.

Here is a list of the six most common mistakes people make when installing an air conditioner.

  • Improper insulation

Insulation is a lot more important than you might think. If you are putting a window AC, you might want to consider using insulation panels made for window ACs. If you put in a split AC, you should consider the right duct size.

  • Wrong size

Your system will work best if it’s the right size. Incorrect sizing might cause AC malfunction and energy efficiency difficulties. Too big of an AC unit will short-cycle, while too small will overwork. In both circumstances, the AC will wear out prematurely.

  • Incorrect thermostat placement

One of the most common mistakes people make when installing an air conditioner is putting the thermostat in the wrong place. When you want to change how warm or cool the air in your home is, you need to be able to see the thermostat. HVAC systems near me will program your thermostat correctly.

  • Bad ductwork

Even if the HVAC unit does all the hard work, it doesn’t matter if your home’s air distribution system is leaky or poorly made. So, make sure your ductwork doesn’t leak and is compatible with the type of HVAC unit you want to install.

  • The unit runs constantly

Your HVAC system may also need some time off so it can rest. If you leave it on, you can save money on your energy bills and make sure the device lasts longer. However, you can easily avoid making this mistake with the help of an expert opinion.

  • Keeping the condenser unit restrictive

The condenser needs a lot of space around it to work well. An HVAC technician might only give the condenser a few inches of space on all sides. Remember to leave at least two feet of space around the perimeter. It will make sure that the system works well and gets enough air.

Install your AC with expert help.

Installing your HVAC system is important not only for your comfort but also for the system itself. When HVAC experts set up your new unit, it will be adjusted and tuned to meet your needs. Hence, the equipment works better, and the parts wear out less.

Make an appointment with the HVAC warehouse to ensure your system is installed correctly. Call us at (888) 944-8684 for air conditioning systems near me.

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