Understanding Air Conditioning Parts and How It Works

Are you curious to know what happens inside the AC system and how it helps maintain the temperature in the summer? As per the air conditioning supply near me technicians, you will better understand the essential components of an AC system after reviewing the components listed below.

Understanding the AC System Components

Every component inside an AC unit contributes equally to providing comfortable services. There are seven essential components without which it would be difficult to operate an air conditioning system. Each of these seven essential components has a unique role to play in the smooth functioning of your AC system.

It is essential to understand that if even one of these seven components malfunctions, then your AC cannot function properly. Therefore, it is essential to look close within each component.


The Condenser coil’s responsibility is to cool down the refrigerant liquid flowing through the coils at high pressure and temperature.

The condenser coils facilitate the heat transfer process where the additional heat in the refrigerant liquid flows out to the outer environment, leaving the refrigerant inside cool.

A condenser is attached with a blower fan that blows away the warm air before it overheats the unit. The condenser coils are present inside the outdoor unit.


A compressor is another essential component that helps increase the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant and turns the refrigerant gas into a liquid form.

It is present in the outdoor unit alongside the condenser coils. After the refrigerant transformation in the compressor, the refrigerant liquid goes to the condenser coils.


Evaporator coils are the primary part of delivering the room’s cool and chilled air services. After traveling and transferring the heat to the outer atmosphere, the refrigerant passes through the expansion valve for cooling.

The expansion valve is connected to the evaporator coil where heat transfer occurs; the AC refrigerant absorbs warmth from the surrounding air. 


The thermostat aids to control the AC system and helps to operate the AC system appropriately. The thermostat is important to set the thermostat temperature.

Air Filters

Air filters are the gateway for air exchange between the outer environment and the HVAC system. The air filter cleans the air from dust, dirt, and other debris material affecting the AC components.

Blower Unit and air Handler

The AC system does not fill a room with cool air, but it takes away warm air from the room and fills the void with cool air. The blower unit and air handler help pull in the room’s warm air and then send back cool and warm air.

Drain Pipes

Drain pipes help collect wastewater that drip from the AC system during the condensation process when hot air turns into cool air. The water gets collected into a pan, and the pipes help discard the water from the AC system.


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