What is an AC Package Unit?

We have different seasons in a year, and our requirements change each season. As the earth is heating up every year, AC has become a part of everyone’s life. But in winter the weather gets cold, and sometimes we even need a heater to keep ourselves and our houses warm. To meet our requirements in all seasons, everything you need is an AC package unit.

An AC package unit comes with all the components of a split as, in addition, it also has heating coils. You can either turn on the heater or AC depending on the weather condition. That is the best way to keep you and your family members warm during the cold season and cold during the hot season.

People love this AC package unit and call it a solution for their heating and cooling requirements. With an AC package unit, every home is a happy home.

AC package units come in different types. You can select any system that meets all your requirements and depending on the region you reside.

Package gas/electric system

Package gas has an air conditioner, gas furnace, and coil. If you want gas heating power while using a gas furnace, this will be your perfect choice. 

Dual-fuel system

A dual-fuel system is much similar to a heat pump. It turns on a gas furnace whenever the temperature falls (below a certain point). It is an energy-efficient system, as the furnace turns on only when needed. This system uses less gas and saves your money from high energy bills.

If you live in someplace where the average temperature is below 25 degrees, this is an ideal system for you.

Package air conditioner

The package air conditioner comes with an AC and air handler. Split AC and window AC generally get utilized for fewer capacities up to 5 tons. In contrast, central AC gets used for capacities of more than 20 tons.

Here packaged air conditioners serve all the capacities between 5 tons and 20 tons. These get used in places like hotels, small halls, restaurants, homes, and other areas. 

Package heat pump

The package heat pump contains both heat pump and air handles. That is ideal for regions where the temperature rarely falls. That is the best unit to be used in all seasons, as it contains both air conditioning and a heat pump. 

Advantages of package unit

  • As most of the parts of the package unit get assembled in the factory, it takes little time to install.
  • If a package unit gets installed in an accessible region, it is easy to maintain and clean it compared to other systems.
  • A package unit consumes less space as they get located outdoors. If you have very little space inside your home, buying a package unit is the best option. That can even get placed on your roof!
  • As the unit gets placed outside, you would not hear the noise.

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