What Type of Furnace is Best for Your Home

Choosing a proper heating system for your house is necessary, especially if you live in a cold climatic region. Then a furnace is most likely the best option. However, with so many different types of furnaces available, it is easy to get confused over which one to buy. Thus, you need to decide on the correct type of furnace depending on your house structure and needs. 

Types of furnace best for your home

Depending on the fuel source, these are the four types of furnaces that are available in the market:

Natural gas furnace

The natural gas furnace is the most common type of home furnace. A natural gas furnace is the most suitable furnace for your home if you reside near a natural gas line or have one pre-installed at your home. These furnaces offer powerful heating capabilities, and they can withstand extreme cold even in poorly insulated houses. They are also less expensive than electricity since natural gas is a less expensive fuel source.

Oil furnace

Oil is another popular fuel for heating buildings and houses. Oil is frequently more efficient than gas in terms of producing heat. But it can also be more expensive – depending on the time of year and the global situation. Therefore, oil furnaces are suitable for homes that have oil tanks buried near residences.

Electric furnace

Because every home has electricity, an electric furnace is always a viable option. Although more expensive to operate than a natural gas furnace, an electric furnace may nevertheless deliver significant levels of warmth while being less costly to install and having a longer service life. They are also viable alternatives if you do not wish to use natural gas in your home. 

Propane furnace

A furnace that uses stored propane to run is a good choice if you do not have a natural gas line. The new propane furnaces are much more fuel-efficient than the older ones and can generate high heat levels. As a result, you do not have to burn as much propane to obtain the same amount of heat as a natural gas furnace. Install a direct vent on an external wall next while installing a propane furnace.

Different stages

Depending on how many stages you want your furnace to have, three different types of furnaces are available:

Single-Stage furnaces

Single-stage furnaces have a single fan speed and are available in 80% and 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). These furnaces are always running at 100% BTU (British Thermal Units) capacity. These are the most popular furnaces for single-story buildings, although they are typically the least efficient and loudest to operate.

Two-stage furnace

Two-Stage Furnaces offer two fan speeds and an 80% to 92% AFUE (or more excellent). In addition, these furnaces have a 60% to 100% (if necessary) BTU capacity and can give an even dispersion of heat.

Modulating variable speed furnace

Modulating Variable Speed Furnaces provide operational efficiency, uniform heat distribution, silent operation, and high comfort levels. The range of AFUE levels is from 80 to 98%.

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